Have some more art I did whilst I was away, an old fan character I re-booted for the hell of it. 

so I found this old thing on my computer, and rather than finishing it I’m just going to upload it. I might re-draw it sometime with anatomy that doesn’t hurt to look at (seriously I think the one on the right has a broken back or something)

ANYWAY, have three humanised puppets looking non-traumatised for a change. 

Also, my askbox is open and I’m out of drawing ideas, so go crazy.



guess who has been looking in the dhmis tag for drawing ideas again

((if you have any suggestions for drawings, send them along and if I like them I’ll draw some))

it appears I’ve reached the “you don’t know me but I blame you” tier

thank god I’ve been waiting on that one

also psst your designs are rad

thank you!

So I drew Imago today 

I kinda want paige/ sketchbook/ notepad/ whatever name you desire to give them, to be able to make ink monsters 


okay not Disney I know, but I thought I would give them all their own dresses. Anyhow I’ve taken to surfing through the dhmis tag for ideas and suggestions, and this is where I ended up.

(paige is a fairy because of reasons)

TA DA my human version of the notepad, hopefully the gif should work, if not I have still versions of both images right here

I kinda like the idea of them having prosthetics, but at the same time making ones that shouldn’t technically work and would be uncomfortable, and yet somehow work for them.

(I’ll get round to tony I swear I am having issues with his design)

still versions of a gif I’m about to upload.

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